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Andover, MA (PRWEB) September 2, 2008 -- Effective Student Marketing (ESM), a Boston-area student marketing company, is teaming track of New England Caring for our Military Inc. (NECFOM) to offer care packages to U.S. troops overseas. ESM will be collecting several items for example deodorant, razors, socks, magazines, and phone cards to deliver to your troops overseas to exhibit our support and make their lives easier.

"We are thrilled to work with an area organization like Northeastern Caring for our Military that supports our community members who're on active duty inside the U.S. military." says Director of Client Services, Julie Foley. "As a company, we wanted to show support for our troops, and also at the same time inspire others to complete the same. It is a great honor so that you can post you towards the brave men and women who're doing this much overseas."

When Foley recommended that the company get involved with NECFOM, ESM president Andy Kelley was so thinking about the idea, he chose to kick-off ESM's charity endeavor at the company's September 19th Open House celebrating ESM's new offices found at 2 Dundee Park, Ste. 302A in Andover MA. Guests are already invited to participate by bringing donated goods towards the Open House event.

ESM may also be accepting donation items in the public at its Andover office. Supplies should be received by September 26th. For donation and delivery information, call ESM Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at 978-475-0880.

New England Looking after our Military Inc.

New England Taking care of our Military Inc. (NECFOM) was founded by James Wareing in 2004. NECFOM supports U.S. troops by organizing troop drives within schools and civic organizations throughout the New England states, supporting all military personnel around the world. Their mission would be to boost the morale from the brave people serving within the U.S. Military by sending care packages, writing letters and otherwise showing support.

At the time of January 3, 2008, NECFOM has shipped 25,100 care packages containing products valued at over $646,600 to our deployed troops. Additionally, NECFOM has mailed greater than 63,040 cards and letters to U.S. troops utilizing greater than 17,500 volunteers made up of students and civic organizations through the entire Northeastern area.

About Effective Student Marketing, Inc.

Effective Student Marketing, Inc. is a strategic marketing organization specializing in student leads generation programs, student marketing and student recruitment, designed mainly for career, technical and vocational schools.

Student Marketing

The management team has several numerous years of combined senior level experience working exclusively in education marketing on the school side. Although ESM utilizes internet marketing tools and methods, including cost per lead vendor management, search results advertising, search engine marketing and e-newsletter production and distribution, ESM's staff of education marketing specialists gets the experience, skills and data to provide client schools having a wide range of promoting services.

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